" I learned early on in business, that you can’t be good at everything. It’s kind of like the old saying that “a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for an attorney”!
I would pay the same price for advertising with or without Media Tracks. However, having the benefit of someone who has more buying power than I do can get me better placement and better pricing when it comes to media purchases. It’s like shopping at Sams Club; no one can beat the price because of the quantity. The same concept applies when you’re dealing with large corporate entities like radio and television. Alone you’re a little guy. With Ellen Golden and Media Tracks behind you, it gives you more coverage for your money.
It always pays off in business to hire an expert. Ellen Golden is the expert!"

June Ferreira, CEO
Tranquil Waters Spa, Salon, and Wellness Center
"My medical practice has had the pleasure of working with Ellen Golden of Media Tracks, Inc. for many, many years.  Ellen’s years of experience and expertise in her field has given her an acute awareness and comprehension of the local ‘market’ which is a favorable attribute for her clients.  Her devoted and unparalleled personal attention to our advertising needs has remained remarkable. Ellen has negotiated the market and gotten us the best rates for our advertising needs which we have always appreciated.  Most of all, Ellen is a wonderful person who listens to her clients needs and gets the project done!"

Yoash R. Enzer, MD, FACS
Enzer & Associates
"As an account executive who has serviced Media Tracks for 20  years, I would highly recommend them to any prospective advertiser.  Ellen Golden is the consummate marketer…a tough negotiator and knowledgeable media consultant who secures not only the best deals for her clients but the best marketing solutions for their businesses. Media Tracks can cut through the clutter to deliver effective marketing campaigns in this ever changing media landscape."

Stephanie Stein, Media Consultant
Cox Media Rhode Island
"I have worked with Ellen since 2004 and she helps us to plan our entire year marketing budget. She is extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I strongly recommend her for her talents and integrity."

Evan Saltzman, President
Saltzman’s Watches and More, Inc.
"I worked with Ellen as an Advertising Account Manager for almost 14 years. She is savvy and professional, and makes smart recommendations for her clients, which include both print and broadcast and ultimately result in their business growth."

Joanne Hayes, Publisher
Simpy Buckhead Magazine
"I' worked with Ellen for 10 years and she always kept me on schedule and has me planning ahead!  Prior to using her services, I would run ads sporadically as the various advertisers called me which was both stressful and not productive.  Ellen let me know when any medium had a feature coming up that would be appropriate for my business to take advantage of and the rates I pay are the same if not less then what I was paying, due to her discount.  She simplified and budgeted my advertising, and when running a small business this took a lot off my plate.  She was very knowledgeable of the demographics of various publications and broadcast stations and advised me whether to run in them or not, as well as what medium to utilize based on my budget and the rates."

Deborah DeCristofaro, President
PJ’s Flooring and Window Fashions
"Providence Diamond Co. has been working with Ellen Golden for 20 years. Ellen handles our media buying; advertising for magazines, newspaper, radio, and television. When we have a question or need advice it's Ellen we call. Ellen creates media plans for us that are well planned out, articulate, and professional. Because Ellen has been steadfastly involved in the media community, she has been able to consummate relationships with these media powerhouses that allow us to get the best rates and times. I recommend using Ellen Golden to any business out there."

The Pritsker Family 
 Providence Diamond Co. 
"I’ve worked with Ellen for over 10 years and she’s always had a great working relationship with Citadel Broadcasting. She works hard for her clients and her client retention rate is really high. She’s a tough negotiator and keeps her client’s interests number one!"

Jen Gamer
Citadel Broadcasting

Member Providence Chamber of Commerce